It’s up to you to invent the world to come.

Start with your curriculum. 

Climate issues are still not present enough in higher education.

Our workshop provides you - today's students, tomorrow's decision makers - with scientific information in an accessible way that allows you to make choices based on facts.

Every new school year is a new beginning for students:

It's the perfect time to rethink your perspective on the world. Crucial choices are made and first steps towards professional paths are taken.

The “Climate Education Kick-off” is your opportunity to gain knowledge and deepen your understanding of climate issues. 


students are calling their universities to action.

How about you?


Find your local referent! 
They will be more than happy to (help you) coordinate the event at your school! 


There is no local referent near you? Don't worry! 

Reach out to the Climate Collage Headquarters. 
We will equip you with everything you need

to take matters in your own hands! 


Use our Communication Kit to talk about the event!
>> Share a post on Social Media!
>> Get your friends on board! 

Ready, steady, GO!

To invite your school to join the program, we have everything prepared for you!


You need anything else?

Find our logo, presentation templates, the French version and photos in our Communication Toolkit. 

The objective of this first contact is to pique the university’s interest in the program. It is a key element in whether the

person contacted will follow up on your proposal. Don’t hesitate to contact different stakeholders of your university at

the same time to underline the urgency of your request.

Find the email template here. 

Don't forget to attach the information kit!  

Nor the presentation leaflet. 

The Climate Education Kick-off (= "Rentrée Climat") 2019 in France.